Tuna Melt


Photo via La Boulange Fillmore San Francisco (5) by jingqun luo

This is the best Tuna Melt ever! I had it in San Fransisco at La Boulange and just loved the combination of melted cheese over tuna. The tuna melt was made with Aioli and had tiny chunks of apple in it, topped with melted cheddar, tomatoes and chives it was an extremely filling sandwich.

If you are ever in San Fransisco you will see several of LA Boulange restaurants spread around the city. They have wonderful artisan breads and a large variety of baked goods. The chain now opened up a location in Los Angeles and I am hoping that they move further down south into Orange County. 


I would love to hear about your favorite Tuna Melt recipe - please share it in the comment section.