Potato Patties kuku sabzi

Persian Potato Patties - Kuku Sibzamini

persian potato patties

I decided to make Kuku Sibzamini which is a Persian vegetarian dish and which is really simple to make. The dish only needs a few ingredients - so let's get started!

potatoes and eggs


5 Potatoes peeled and cooked

3 Eggs

1tsp Tumeric

salt and pepper to season

Olive Oil

Optional - a little bit of fresh parsley finely chopped

Mix ingredients

1. Peel and cube the potatoes and cook them until soft in saltwater ca. 15 min.

2. Drain and place cooked potatoes in a medium-size bowl

3. Add spices and parsley

4. Mix the mixture until there are no clumps

mashed potatos

5. Put enough olive oil in a deep pan to be able to deep fry the patties. Wait until oil is really hot then using a large spoon scoop up enough of the mix to place in the hot oil.

shaped potato patties in pan

6. Let bottom turn a nice golden brown before flipping over.

potato patties with salad

7. Once both sides are a nice golden brown remove and place in a serving platter. I like to serve my Kuku Sibzamini (potato patties) with a salad. This recipe is also great if you have left over mashed potatoes.

To add even more zest to the patties try adding some garlic powder and Herbe de Provance to the mix.


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