french bread

Baguettes, crunchy outside and soft inside ~~~~~

Well for those of you living around Orange County I have great news. Recently I bought a baguette from Mrs. Meixner, at one of the farmer's markets where she sells the breads her German husband bakes. Mrs. Meixner with various loaves of bread stacked in wicker baskets, sets up her booth at markets throughout Orange County.

To find out when and where she will be next visit the Bread Gallery

What I loved about the bread was that number one it was baked that same morning and had a wonderful crunchy crust. When reading the label, it said it was Vegan, made with unbleached, wheat flour, filtered water, sea salt and yeast - no preservatives of any kind. I kept the bread in it's paper wrap and by seriously pacing myself enjoyed the same crunchy crust for three more days. My store bought baguette usually turns into a club after one night on the counter, ready to be used as a deadly weapon.

So guess where you can find me next Sunday morning?! Yup ~ need to buy more bread and try the other goodies she was selling!!

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