How to use Edible Flowers in Recipes

Nasturtium Flowers

It is amazing how many flowers are edible. Each have characteristics of their own and not only help to beautify whatever dish you are preparing, but each also brings it's own very unique flavoring. Nasturtium for example have a peppery taste, rose petals are tasteless but add fragrance. Zucchini blossoms have a delicate squash flavor and a soft, velvety texture.


My garden is full of edible flowers, since Barley my Holland Lop loves to munch on them as well. The list of my edible flowers so far includes Roses, Calendula, Nasturtium, California Poppies, Chinese Chrysanthemum and Freesia.

Other edibles include Chamomile, Caper, Sambac Jasmine (Arabian or Tea Jasmine), Akebia Vine (Chocolate Vine) .

Before using any flower do a quick google image search and make sure that your petals and leaves are edible. The put your flowers in a strainer and rinse them under cold water. You want to make sure that any little bugs wash off. I toss my petals on a a large paper towel and cover with another paper towel. You do not want to pat them try since some petals bronze easily. Once the petals are no longer dripping with water you can toss them in salads, over sandwiches and use them any which way you want on your dishes. A cool tip how you can enjoy edible flowers year round is presented in the next video.

Here is a great link how to use edible flowers on cup cakes...

Want to read up on more Edible Flowers? Check out this book - it's available via Amazon

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I just ordered this book on How to Cook with Edible Flowers as well for more inspiring recipe ideas. It's also available via Amazon here

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