List of Edible Flowers

List of Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers can be used as Garnish

I really think that food is for all the senses to enjoy. It not only has to have a variety of textures, taste good, smell great, but also be a feast for the eyes.
This bring me to day's topic of edible flowers.

Edible flowers have been used to garnish food all over the world and became especially popular in Europe during the Victorian era. Garnishing entrees with flower blossoms can add a touch of elegance, as long as you make sure your flowers are pesticides free and are insect free.

The List of Edible Flowers includes:

Nastriums *  Pansies * Rose Petals * Calendula * Poppies * Chinese Chrysanthemum * Sambac Jasmine * Akebia Vine * Fresia * Honeysuckle

This chèvre was created by using a round mold, such as a small cup. Line the cup with plastic wrap, leaving some over lap at the edge. Place your flower pedals, fruits or nuts on the bottom and the sides. Fill the mold half way with goat cheese and press it firmly against the sides. If you like a filling this would be the time to add either dried fruits, nuts, chopped herbs or even sun dried tomatoes. Then fill the remainder with more goat cheese. Pull the cheese out of the mold by pulling at the plastic wrap and flip it over onto a plate and serve.

If you like to learn more about edible flowers, check out this book.