Silicone Bakeware great for cakes

Benefits of Silicon Bakeware


Silicon Bakeware has many advantages and by following a few simple steps can result in well formed baked goods. One major advantage of silicone bakeware is that it is more non-stick than many traditional types of bakeware . Recently we reviewed the More Cuisine Essentials, Eco-Friendly Silicone Bundt Pan and looked at the pros and cons of silicon bakeware.


Space Saving

Traditional bakeware is bulky and big and takes up a lot of room in your kitchen cupboards.  Since Silicon bakeware is soft, it can be bend to fit into small spaces and stowed more easily than traditional molds.

Does not Stick

Silicone baking molds do not need to be greased as heavily as regular molds. The cakes and muffins can be easily removed by slightly deforming the flexible baking mold and guiding the baked goods out of the mold.

Multi Use

Silicone bakeware can be used as Jello and pudding forms. They can be placed in the fridge and even in the freezer.

Silicone is dishwasher safe, does not fade or scratch and is petroleum free.   


Not as rigid as regular molds

As easy it is to store away silicon molds due to it's flexibility, it can get a bit tricky to transfer the dough filled mold to the oven, since the pan is not rigid. Silicone molds should be placed on a baking sheet and then filled with dough for easier handling. In order for the cake to evenly bake do not place the mold directly on the baking rack, but keep it on the baking sheet. 

 Overall we thought that this Professional Grade Silicone Mold/Pan worked very well and with a capacity of about 6 cups was a good size. The cake came out well formed and the mold was easy to clean. The mold is available via Amazon

More Cuisine Essentials, Eco-Friendly - Non-Stick- Silicone Bundt Pan. Commercial Grade Silicone Cake Pan; FDA & European Quality Design Silicone, Burgundy Wine

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