A Cookbook for All Seasons

A Cookbook for All Seasons is a collection of recipes ideal for anyone who loves to cook and bake. I have been looking at various recipes and have put a couple aside to try out.  If you like to flip through some of the pages click here. 

I have to say I like the idea of flipping through cookbooks on-line. After so many years of buying hard cover cook books and getting them as gifts, I honestly have no more room to store one more book in my kitchen. I have also found that using Evernote, I can clip my favorite recipes and find them by doing a simple search. So much easier than dragging books out and flipping through pages, just to find that one recipe that you know you have, yet have no clue in which book it was.

Click here to flip through the above featured cookbook. 

Have you made the switch to collecting recipes on-line, or do you still prefer flipping through cookbooks?