Vermeer's Technique of Perspective

I can't believe this little neat trick. The last time I did floor tiles, I almost killed myself with the ruler. This is so much easier!

Please note as of November 12th, this video is no longer available. If anyone should no where it is posted please let me know. Thanks!

Here is what I remember...

The instructor used a chalk line the kind you buy at the hardware store to quickly mark straight lines.

1. He found is vanishing point and marked it with a pencil.
2. Using a chalk line * he nailed one end to the outside of the frame.
3. By pulling up on the string and letting go, he moved the chalk line over the canvas until he had all the desired floor tiles marked on the canvas.
4. He placed lines vertical and horizontal until the space was filled.

* Chalk lines come in red, blue, white or fluorescent chalk. Fill your chalk box with blue chalk for general use (Photo 1). Red is more permanent,white is easy to remove and is best for using on a stained canvas, where colored chalk could bleed through. Fluorescent is easier to see on some really dark

Remove unwanted chalk by blowing. Wiping will only smear it.

2. Hook the end outside your canvas and stretch the string tight so it crosses directly over your mark. Reach out as far as you can and grab the string between your forefinger and thumb. To chalk a line, lift the string straight up about 4 in. and release it (it’ll snap to the ground).

Spray chalk lines with retouch varnish if you need to keep them from wearing away.

Perspective Tutorial
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