Three New Horse Portrait Commissions

 portrait commission of three horses

I love painting horses and was thrilled to receive a new commission for painting three different horses for one client. Their names are Backdraft, Tada and Judd.

Three horse Oil Portraits 16"x16 by Portraits-by-NC


I did a life session on Facebook


The reference photos all had different backgrounds and in order to get a cohesive look going my client and I decided to use the same background for all three paintings. After some searching for a suitable backdrop, I recommended a landscape setting with vibrant fall colored trees in the distance. It just so happened that my client had a similar looking photo that had sentimental value and we ended up using that one for the background.

background for painting

In the video you can see how the progression of the first painting. At the moment there is a lot of work that needs to be done and I don't have the time to post more updates. However, I am already working on the other two portraits and will post all three side by side once they look presentable. The tricky part right now is to get all three backdrops to look the same. Subscribe to the newsletter to see how these paintings will progress further.
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