The Wizards Library - Painting of Old Books

A wizard's library has to have an old world charm to it and the canvas print of this image achieves just that. Ideal for book lovers this image is a great addition for an office or library. 

I have been working on the painting of the Wizard's Library for a while now and finally finished it last night. I love old books and for a time I was collecting vintage books, hauling big volumes back from Europe just because I loved how they looked. 


Since I now officially have no more room in my library,  I thought why not paint some. Every old library I have visited in Europe also had other interesting things in them. Old globes, cool looking furniture, statues, etc. so I figured this painting also needed some interesting props. Check out the magnifying glasses that have antlers on the handle or the three birds. The repetition of elements in a painting ( 3 magnifying glasses and 3 birds) has a symbolic meaning. The symbol of the Trinity is a universal ancient symbol of the unity of body, mind, and spirit. I think everyone who has a library would appreciate the nod to this symbolism through reading books. 


This painting of the Wizards Library is currently only available as canvas prints - just click below.

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