The Red Fox

Red Fox by Enzie Shahmiri available here

Red Fox by Enzie Shahmiri available here

When my daughter got married this year, she told us all that she had planned a very special treat for her guests. Little did I know that she had hired animal trainers from a Wild life Sanctuary in Salt Lake City to come and show us their rescued animals and that it would involve an encounter with a red fox.

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Ever since she was little she wanted to be a zooologist and has never lost her love for animals. Needless to say we all were stunned to actually be able to interact with very unusual animals. Among the guests was this beautiful fox, who was rescued from a family that had decided to keep him as a pet and had failed miserably.  The fox had a beautiful coat and such intelligent eyes. At all times he was conscious of what was going on around him and the trainer had to hold on tight for him not to bolt for the forest. 


Red Fox Head Detail

Red Fox Head Detail

In this painting I wanted to give this beautiful animal center stage. I wanted to really play up the fox's red fur and keep all the focus on this intelligent animal. Using a complimentary color to orange, here a turquoise blue and impasto white tree stumps, the backdrop is kept in a minimalistic style. You get the sense of it being a forest in winter time and nothing more. Just enough visual information to meet the focus on the animal. Rather than painting hair by hair bold brush work was used to create the form. 

The red fox lives in many diverse places including forests, grasslands and mountains, These mammals are very adabtive and resourceful and are known for their intelligence. 

Foxes hunt rodents, rabbits, birds and other small animals and will even forage fro fruits and vegetables. The fox uses his bushy tail for balance and for warmth during the cold winter months, when it curls up and drapes the tail like a cover around it's body.  

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