Studio Makeover

paint station

It seems like every year I am redoing the layout of my studio to make it more efficient for my needs. This studio makeover is an easy fairly inexpensive way to both gain more work area and storage space. I share my studio with my little Holland Lop Barley, whose cage takes up an enormous amount of room. Then there was my studio easel, paint supplies, crafting supplies and most recently miniature making supplies. I tell you there was no more room in this small studio for me!

Rabbits cage

Everyone who has a rabbit knows they love to chew on cables, I think it's like chewing gum for them. So although Barley has the run around during the day, I had to figure out how to rabbit proof the room first. Then I had to figure out a way to closeup her little area when we are gone for the day and at nighttime, so she won't get into trouble when I am not there. I solved this problem by putting her cage under my work table. She now can look outside and during the summer catch a nice breeze when the sliding doors to the studio are open. That white piece of wire grid is what gets pulled out during the evenings. I think she looks content, don't you?! My little newly potted Avocado tree on the other hand dropped it's leaves and is not as content at the moment. 

crafting table

Above her cage sits one of those party fold out tables. It took me forever to fins a table top that was not enormously heavy yet 73x30 inches in size. This table top fit the bill and I am so happy with all that newly gained workspace. Now when I work on my miniatures, I won't knock them over every time I move something.

Ikea display cabinet

I waited months for Ikea to bring this large display unit. I really needed a place that stays dust free for all the miniature models that are finished. I can't wait to fill up this cabinet :)


This rolling cabinets fit perfectly under the table and hold all supplies needed to make my miniatures now. I am super happy with this set up now, since everything is within reach. Items that are needed less often are right behind me in this large chest of drawers from Ikea. 

cutting station

My Dremel and electronic file machine are on top with plenty surface space if needed. In the drawers are beads, punches stamps, etc. . My paintings had to be moved and some are now hanging here until I can figure out a better layout. 

work station


As I mentioned before rabbits love cables, so everything that needs power is now sitting in this cart and plugs into a power strip that sits on the chest of drawers. The cart also holds some more of my painting mediums, that usually come in pretty big containers. My easel is a Sorg Easel and those puppies have a huge base. I hated how much room that easel took and finally decided to disassemble it and move it behind my second chest of drawers. Since I centered it and sandwiched it between the chest of drawers and the wall it stays upright and will work even if the painting is 30x40 inches tall. Need be I have another Sorg Easel in another room that can also be used as well. Those drawers are full of oil and Acrylic paints, pastels and chalks. So everything painting related is now in one corner. 

My computer and printer are to the left so I can quickly look at my reference materials when needed. 

Work table


Can you believe it? There are more art supplies and tons of art books in the closet! I really need to declutter that place, but it's soooo hard to choose what to toss and what to keep!

crafting station sm

And finally the sculpting station. I know, I know - way too many hobbies! This station holds a pottery wheel, UV lamp, the pasta machine to flatten out sculpting clay and all the whistle and bells that go with it. The area below holds molds and all the clay. I love the sound of water and fish and when things go well have cat grass growing out of the top for Barley. Now I am trying to coax some more greenery to grow. I am bringing the outdoors in - you know!

Anyhow, I hope I was able to inspire you to make more out of a small room. I am really happy with the set up and now this will for sure last until the next year~LOL

I want to also touch on color. Because I paint custom portraits of people as well I needed a neutral grey color for my walls. I tried to do the makeover on a budget and went with white as much as possible. Items that were not white were painted with Anny Sloan's White Chalk paint. It goes nicely on wood, plastic and metal and visually tied everything together that did not fit before. I am still trying to hide some more items and next on the list are some nice wicker baskets to hide my current garbage and some other things. 


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