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This is an update on a post of 2008. I raved so much about the ISkins and was so bummed out that I couldn't order a skin with my painting on it, unless of course I wanted 25 of them that my husband did some research and surprised me with this!

Now both my laptop and I phone have images of my paintings on them! Now how cool is that?!

Laptop Skin Princess Design
Laptop Skin Princess Design
by EnzieShahmiri

Yesterday I was chatting with an artist friend who was using his laptop at a coffee shop. He was telling me how shy he was about approaching strangers who he thought would make good models for paintings. Well, duh?! I told him he needed a conversation piece that makes people approach him on their own accord to inquire about the cool back of his laptop of course.

My IPhone used to be in a plastic sleeve and for some reason periodically condensation would build up. Now moisture and electronics ~ they don't do well together. With this new skin that problem was solved!

JPG's of my paintings were uploaded to the site and a week later these thin, decals came. Once they were peeled off the paper, the image had to be placed on the item making sure that no air bubbles would form. Once you tire of the images, they can be easily removed by just peeling them off again. I clean mine with a damp cloth now and then. The quality of the art reproduction by the way was astonishingly great and although both items have been used on a daily basis for the last three months, the images looks as new as the day they came!

Anyhow, here is another skin from my Zazzle shop.

Pc Skins Elephant Design 17" Laptop Decal
Pc Skins Elephant Design 17" Laptop Decal
by EnzieShahmiri

Both my PC and IPhone have a slide show of my work, but having my "piece de resistance" on the front of my PC, advertising what I do, while I sip a cappuccino at Starbucks, now that's taking advertising to a new level. Need to see if they take custom orders!


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