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Dog painting

Are you an NFL Arizona Cardinals Fan? If yes, you are going to enjoy seeing this custom painted oil portrait of Majerle. Majerle is such a fan that he has proudly posed for his portrait while wearing the Arizona Cardinal cap as well. just for good measure, the Cardinals logo was added to the painting as well making this a win-win for the recipient. 

Dog portrait from photo

My client had asked if it was possible to paint Majerle, who has long passed on to doggy heaven,  with some Arizona Cardinal memorabilia as a gift for someone very special. Since the reference photos were limited, I set out to first bring some life to the original photo. Then I offered some mock-up suggestions, to show what could be added to the painting. My client chose the Cardinal logo as part of the blanket that Majerle is stretched out on. To liven up the entire picture plane on this 9x12 in canvas, I chose some vibrant colors for the background. 

dog portraits 739 on easel

After everything was in place layers and layers of texture were added to give the painting depth. I love it when the painting goes from smooth to texture since the light has a tendency to bounce all over the painting creating lovely shadows in some places and bringing out the color in other areas. Here is a detail close-up so you can see what I mean.

Dog portrait detail

I worked in blues, pinks, magenta and even bold orange to create an overall interesting looking portrait. These details always get lost when I have to take a photo from a distance, but as you step up to the painting it reveals those little touches. If you like to order a pet portrait click below ...
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