Love and Passion Lust for Life After Event Report

Wall Display

I had mentioned a while back that "Blue Tribe" is heading to the Hamptons to be in the group show titled "Love and Passion: Lust for Life" show/fundraiser. Here are the pictures from the show courtesy of my agent Ms. Lisa Freedman.

Once a year, I make a business plan and figure out what it is I need to accomplish to further my career. What is different this year, is that I actually bought a big cork board and attached to the wall in a spot where I have to see it every day as a reminder of my plans.

So how is it working you ask? Rather well! I have already submitted to three shows and got accepted into a 2 month long show at Art A Fair in Laguna Beach for the summer.

I also had decided to seek out professional help and have done so by soliciting the help of an art agent. My agent Ms. Lisa Freedman from the Art Marketer is a PR/Marketing strategist and her clients include Fine Art ConnoisseurThe Artist Advocate Magazine ,IFI - Antique & Art Appraisals & Auctions, and several other artists and companies.

Since I live on the West Coast (California)I have been playing with the idea to see how my work would be received on the East Coast. Since I can hardly afford to continuously fly back and forth, I figured why not find someone who has the right connections in the market I am trying to enter in. This is were the services of a reputable art agent can be very valuable.

Already one show has been facilitated and other plans are being made. I am very excited to see what will come of this new venture and will be sharing my experiences with working with an art agent as time goes by.

I believe there is something to be learned from every path you decide to venture on and the worst thing you can do in a career is to stay put and watch the world go by. Without risks there is no gain and although Blue Tribe did not sell, she was met with great interest. Now Ms. Lisa Freedman will be the ambassador who spreads the word about my work and Blue Tribe will stay in the Hampton's until she finds a proper home at either a lovely home or a well established gallery!



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