Lillian Oil Painting is Finished

Lillian Oil Painting by Enzie Shahmiri

"Lillian The Sweet Sneak"

Oil on Canvas ~ 16 x 20 inches



I wanted to also thank all those people who were so kind to comment on

Scribbit. I am still grinning from ear to ear after reading all those wonderful comments regarding this painting. Thank you all!

Work in Progress #10

Lillian Work in Progress#10

I repainted the entire back and have been concentrating more on the dress.

Work in Progress #9

Lillian Work in Progress #9

Lillian is undergoing eye surgery. Something about her right eye was bothering me and upon careful checking I noticed that it had shifted down. So corrections were made and once that area is dry, it will be further remeasured and improved.

I have also been paying more attention to the candy jars, trying to get the the form of the glass right. I am missing a filter on my camera so this is not the sharpest of pictures. I will try re shooting this afternoon to see if I can get a better shot.

Work in Progress #8

Lillian Work in Progress #9

I have been working on the candy in the jars and have played around with the placement of different items in that far right corner. For now it will be candy in a little cellophane bundle, but I am not utterly convinced that this is the right thing. All those candies have to be completely dry to the touch before I can work on the highlights for the glass. I just realized that the color on Lillian is a bit off on the photo, but I wanted to show the progress on the jars. Other little adjustment have been made here and there as well.

Work in Progress #7

Lillian Painting in Progress #7

An artist friend Micheal Georges, pointed out that the separation between the candy jars was too identical and suggested breaking it up a bit. I was bothered by that as well and changed the size of the glass jar in the back. I am still bum boozled as to what to put in the front... Did I mention that painting a striped dress is not fun?! progress is inching along, because I can't seem to focus long enough. Maybe it's this insane heat we have been having...

Lillian #6 Painting in Progress

I have started to apply all the different colors of the wall paper and will be working on the garment next.The work process differs from how I usually work, but I feel that due to the amount of detail involved, I want to get an overall feel first as to how each element will relate to the other.

Work in Progress #5

Lillian Oil Painting in Progress #5

Well, I thought I could work more on this painting, but people kept stopping and chatting while I was painting at the gallery. Once I am finished with the portrait of the bride, I will be able to concentrate entirely on this painting and it will move along at a much faster pace.

Work in Progress #4

Lillian Oil Painting in Progress #4

I am using Old Hollands Raw Umber for the wash in. This brand has a softer hue and will work better on this light skin tone.

Work in Progress #3

Lillian Oil Portrait in Process #3

Lillian has left the drawing stage. I originally had the wall going back at an angle, but this caused the pattern on the wall paper to be too crunched up and appear even busier than it already is. Now Lillian is posed directly in front of the wall and I think it looks better. Usually I do not fill in, but in this case there was so much visual information going on that I was getting confused. The wall paper will be played down once it goes into the painting stage and will not compete with the figure.

I also played around with the jars and have Lillian hold one of those candy balls. This might explain her mischievous smile.

Work in Progress #2

Lillian Oil Painting in Progress #2

After getting everything in place with pencil, I started filling in the design with ink. I am very excited to see how this turns out but also have a feeling that this one might take a while to finish.

Work in Progress #1

Lillian's mom and me were looking through good reference photos and both decided after a lot of searching that this pose might make for a cute painting. One of their good friend's had take some super nice photos of the family and it really got me thinking about how I can make this painting stand out. Nowadays a lot of photographers have the type of backgrounds we associate with the Old World feel and I felt that for this young family of 6, a painting was needed that felt not only cheery and light, but also very contemporary and fun.

I started to look for backdrops that would match the pale colors of Lillian's dress and guess were I found it! At Miette, my favorite candy store in San Fransisco.


Since Lillian had her hand resting on her older sister's lap, I also needed were she could lean against. And since kids love candy why not a table full with candy jars!

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