Great Pyrenese and Bernese Dogs


The painting of the Bernese Mountain dog and the Great Pyreneese is finished and I can hardly believe that I pulled this snowy landscape together. Since this is a rather large painting I took some close-up shots so you can see more of the details. 


The Bernese is quiet stocky and I really had to work on him to bring out that bulk. The Great Pyreneese is in the background , but I added as much texture as I could in a small space. 


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Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

I have been working on two large paintings, one is a 18x24in large family portrait, which I can't show since it is a surprise gift for someone who is following my work on social media and this large 18x24in painting of two dogs. 


The painting is of two dogs in a snowy landscape. I have worked in teals and blues into the snow, which I just realize are not showing up on this photo. Well, I guess you will have to take my word for it until I get time to post another update. I did an underpainting of purples for the Bernese Mountain dog, since he has a very dark black coat. As the darker color gets added with washes of paint, the deep purple will add nice depth to the coat. 


I have also been busy building up the coat for the Great Pyreneese. This dog is pure white, but white on white doe not show up in a painting, so I have added beige as the undercoat. This painting is based on a very light palette with one super dark dog in the foreground. It's a balancing act to bring out details and work continues. 


This is a new 18x24in painting that I have been working on and that is going to be a nice study in how to bring very muted color tones into a painting to build up texture, yet stay within a very light palette. 


There is a lot of snow and for now I have been just putting in the dogs to get an overall feel for the painting. The dogs are centered as to my client's request and I still have a lot of work to do before I can call this painting finished. More later...

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