German Shorthair - Gus


I am starting on a new portrait of a German Shorthair named Gus. My client has ordered a portrait of this cutie and left it up to me how to change the background. The German Shorthaired pointer is a breed of dog developed in the 19th century in Germany for hunting. These dogs look very slim and are extremely powerful and agile.

Gus has a beautiful brown colored coat and I decided to put him in an enchanted forest. I want  some pretty flowers, green moss and perhaps a berry bush to surround him. After all this is means as a painting and not a reproduction of a photograph. 


I will be posting in progress shots every time I stop for a break, so you can follow along and see how this painting develops. To learn more about the "Pay What You Want" promo click here

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I specialize in hand painted life-size pet portraits and custom-made miniature dioramas in various sizes.

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