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All Cards on Table

I had to take inventory of my card stock and by the time I was done this table was over flowing with cards. At art shows people love to purchase small mementos of the artwork that they had seen and therefore I decided to make 5x7 prints of my work and attach them to nice card stock. The cards are left blank, so that they can be used for any occasion. The images are large enough that they can be placed in a 5x7 frame or larger if matted.


In the past I have often been told that my greeting cards get framed and displayed. In the artist community it's jokingly referred to as refrigerator art, but I truly appreciate that someone likes my work enough to want to decorate their home with it, even if it lands on their refrigerator.


All these cards have added an additional storage/display problem, which was solved by the purchase of a stand alone floor card rack that spins. I love these because now I can display all the cards in a professional manner and allow more than one person to view them. My studio looks like a storage unit right now, so I spare you the photos and will take one of the display rack once the booth is set up.

A little tip I picked up at an Art A Fair meeting. Don't place more than three cards of the same design in your rack. Odd things happen and it's best to refill rather than lose a bunch of cards.

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