Exotic Camellia

Exotic Pink Camellias 

Exotic Pink Camellias 

Camellias are very versatile and can have many different growth habits, flower forms and colors. These exotic pink camellias have a formal double form with overlapping petals. I have three camellia shrubs in my yard and love it when I see that even in the coldest months of the year the brush is full of pink flowers adding a nice dash of color to my front yard. 

Camellia in my front yard brighten up a dreary grey looking day.

Camellia in my front yard brighten up a dreary grey looking day.

All camellias are clustered around a stems and shiny leaves. The plant grows in the wild in Japan, Korea and China, but has been a favorite of gardeners in many regions of the world with new varieties like Camellia Williamsii popping up all over. 

Camellia Williamsii

Camellia Williamsii

Now you see how it is hard to not be inspired to paint these beautiful flowers. In my recent work I created a highly decorative piece and played around with texture to add even more interest. Amongst the blooming Camellias, which are shown in various stages of bloom are two birds that have been attracted to the lovely bright colors. 

Exotic Camellias Available Here

Exotic Camellias Available Here

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Caring for Camellias

Camellias need acidic soil to thrive and good drainage is very important. When my Camellias started to turn yellow, I consulted with my local nursery and was told that clay soil, which we have plenty of, here in southern California prevents good drainage. To help with that taking a shovel and loosen up the soil around the base of the plant. 

It's important to add organic matter to clay soil to give the Camellias the type of good drainage they need. I use wood bark, coffee grinds and tea leaves and mix it in. 

Since Camellias grow in pine forests, you can even use pine needles to add to the base. Manure is not recommended, since the fine roots of the plant will be scorched by the heat manure generates.  

Protect your plant from wind and offer partial shade. My plants get 1/2 day morning sun and seem to be just fine. 

Read more about this painting 

Read more about this painting 

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