Corgi Sharpei Mix - Portrait of Nikki

Portrait of Nikki

Portrait of Nikki

Meet Nikki whose portrait I just finished for a client and fellow team member on Etsy. Her owner Rhonda owns Arkays Creations on Etsy and shared Nikki's very sad start to life.  Nikki is a rescue dog, she is just 1 1/2 old, and the vet thinks she is a Shar-Pei and Corgi mix.  Nikki and her brother Bones were found thrown in a shopping cart in the back of a Walmart on a day that the temperatures reached over 100 degrees.  They were dehydrated and malnourished, Nikki was losing her fur and her bones didn't develop perfectly.  The nice lady that fostered them nursed them back to health but had a difficult time finding homes for them. 



Rhonda noticed the photos of both the puppies on the rescue site and called the foster mom, asking if she could come and see Nikki (named Squirrel at that time).  When Rhonda arrived she saw this odd little dog looking at her through the fence.  Rhonda's husband insisted that Nikki was kind of odd and said he really wasn't sure he wanted a little dog.  But Rhonda's husband couldn't deny the love she had for this little dog and apparently she won over the foster mom's heart as well, who observed Rhonda being the only person that had gotten down on the ground to spend time with the little dog. 

It took a whole year before Nikki would actually relate to people, she didn't like to cuddle or play, except with the other dogs.  Now she likes to cuddle with Rhonda on the bed and definitely likes to play.  Nikki has another cute little trait, she was originally called squirrel because she sits up straight like a squirrel for a treat.  Her foster mom told Rhonda that she was never been taught to do this little trick, it just came natural.  Now Nikki is a healthy high spirited little dog, although she is still has front feet that point outwards kind of like a duck, but she runs and jumps just like the other dogs.

I am always amazed at the cruelty of some dog owners and the ever so large heart of those who adopt rescues. Thank you Rhonda for sharing Nikki's story with us. Stories like yours are an inspiration to all of us that rescues make wonderful pets and are worthy of being given a chance of a life in a loving household. 

Nikki has so much character in her face that I truly enjoyed creating this portrait of her. If you like to learn more about ordering your own custom painted pet portrait click here

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