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Meet Hammy, an adorable Corgi that I just finished for a client. Did you know that there are two distinct breeds of corgis. One is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, which is the older breed and the other the Pembroke Welsh. Corgis were originally used as herders. However I think it's kind of funny that such a breed with such short legs would be running around herding life stock. :)

Well regardless how fast or agile they might have once been, today these cuties are still quick on their feet if they have been taken well taken care of and received plenty of exercise. 

If you like to order a similar portrait of your Corgi click below for size and price options. 



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"My Name is Enzie (NC) and I am a multi disciplinary artist based in southern California, USA.

I specialize in hand painted life-size pet portraits and custom-made miniature dioramas in various sizes.

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