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Mailing Center

An artist wears many hats and has to be good at a variety of things besides creating art. Marketing, merchandising and shipping ordered products in a timely fashion are just a few of the many task. Around the holidays it is also a good time to acknowledge good clients with a hand written holiday card and perhaps a little special gift of appreciation for those extra special people who lend a helping hand or helped in an unexpected way.

Mrs Claus Prep Room

This is my other studio, often called the art room since it's filled with just about everything that does not belong in my painting studio. There are some art supplies, mailing and packaging things, frames, sculpting tools, sewing stuff, etc. It also is the place where I play Mrs. Claus! Psst - don't tell anyone!

Vintage Christmas Box

I love pretty boxes and often use them to hide odds and ends to avoid that cluttered look. Around the holidays, I often use more festive boxes, like these vintage ones here to store like items in one place and to create a more festive atmosphere.  In case you are wondering, yes I decorate every nook and cranny of my home, regardless of the function of the space. I love to decorate and just like a kid in a candy store take pleasure when I find something new or old that can act as eye candy for my soul.  Well now you know where the greeting cards, posters and other little craft things are created for you with utmost care and joy!

Small Christmas Tree
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Meet the Artist

"My Name is Enzie (NC) and I am a multi disciplinary artist based in southern California, USA.

I specialize in hand painted life-size pet portraits and custom-made miniature dioramas in various sizes.

Visit my blog to see what I am currently working on."



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