The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Kitchen Diorama in 1 12 Scale

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I will be working on a custom order of a 1/12 scale miniature kitchen based on the kitchen seen in the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel TV show. The kitchen will have many of the props seen on the set and have appliances from the late 1950" to early 1960's era. I will be sharing how every item in this custom commission is made, so make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to see the new posts.

Mrs. Maisels kitchen

My client send me some reference photos and the boombox will be build based on what you see here. Just the appliances will not open. 

1950's Pyrex

There are lots of pots and pans and vintage dishes in pink! Now how cute is that? I can hardly wait to start making all those things.

vintage frigidaire

The appliances are old vintage period pieces like this fridge. Check out the handle on the door. That thing is huge! I guess if you are a late night binger , you might thing twice opening that fridge door :)

mrs. Maisel's kitchen tv set

When I work on a commissioned piece, I have to spend a lot of time on Pinterest searching for images that show items from different angles. This is to make sure that whatever I make looks as close as possible to the real thing.

Kitchen props

When my clients send me photos for items they want me to make for them, they are often surprised to see exactly how many items are in one photo alone. Each and everyone of these pieces need to be designed, built and painted to match the counterpart in real life. This room box has at least 103 items and I am pretty sure I have missed a thing or two. I present my clients with an itemized photo list of everything that will be build so that we are sure not to miss anything major. 

Once all this is done the fun begins and I need to figure out how to make everything fit within a 1/12 scale room box.

Layout of room box

I love to use my son's Lego's for that purpose, because it allows me to quickly work out the placement of all the items in the allotted space. If something needs a size adjustment it can be quickly done by reconfiguring the Legos. Props from my own miniatures act as stand ins until the actual pieces are made.

room box

This room box has a clear panel in the front that can be slid up and down. It will protect the kitchen and all the tiny items within from dust.

designed kitchen layout

Then it's time to put it all together so the individual items can be made to the correct scale.When you have only 17"x11"x11" space in a room box, every mm has to be accounted for to make sure that everything will fit. The other side will have the oven and another cabinet but I still have to design those.

designing chairs made of PLA

Then designing all the individual pieces starts. Here the chairs and cabinets are made of PLA at 1/24 scale just to see what they will look like. Items can be made in many different materials and testing out things is a good way to see what will work best in the room box. 

Mrs. Maisle's Kitchen Floor Tiles in Minaiture

When building out a room box everything has to fit together to the mm like a puzzle. I could not start work on the wall unless the floor tiles were in. These tiles took forever to make to the correct size and print with PLA. However I love how they look now.

terracotta tiles printed with hatchbox pla


Mrs. Maisel Kitchen wall in miniature

This is the large wall of Mrs. Maisel's kitchen. It has a narrow window on one side, followed by a red painted wall, a brick wall and an area where the Frigidaire fridge will go. I like to draw the layout out on the actual room box, just to make sure everything fits snug before it gets glued in place. While other pieces of the kitchen are printing I am also working on the dishes that go into the shelf that sits on the cabinet. I will post those in a separate blog post very soon. 

Since this is a very detailed commission I will add more posts per item that is being made as time goes by to the video. So make sure to subscribe if you like to follow along and see the end result of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's 1/12 scale kitchen room box.

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