Romantic Envelopes Miniature Tutorial

Miniature Envelopes Downloadable PDF

These adorable looking miniature envelopes are so much fun to make and to use in staging a dollhouse setting. I have printed mine on glossy photo paper and like to show you how easy it is to make them for your own dollhouse.

Here is what you need:

Ink Jet Printer 

glossy photo paper

Glossy or Matt Photo paper

Scissors ( or Cricut machine)




1. Download the PDF file for the mini envelopes to your desktop

2. Open the file and send it to your printer

3. Adjust printer settings to Photo Paper and print at the best quality available

4. Load your photo paper into the printer ( on my machine the glossy paper faces outward). To check your printer mark a regular sheet of paper with an x, before wasting your photo paper to see on which side of the paper the print will show. 

5. If you have a Cricut machine, upload the file to Cricut and import it as "Print and Cut" - follow the print instructions ( the paper already has the border Cricut needs to cut)

6. Print the file 

7. Cricut users can tape the printed sheet on your regular mat and feed the paper into the machine for cutting. Those without the machine start cutting out the envelopes using small, sharp scissors

8. Once you have all pieces cut out bend them at the center and glue them together using any type of glue suitable for paper. I went a bit off camera but I think you get the idea of what needs to be done, by watching the video.


Envelopes in all sizes by NC


9. These are meant to be old romantic looking envelopes and they can benefit from some aging. First use markers in a slightly darker color than the envelope, to gently cover the edges. This will cover any gaps and makes the envelope look old. Then using the edge of your scissors, gently bend the corners and give the envelopes a nick here and there. This is not necessary, but can add in the envelopes looking really aged. 

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