Painting of three Cats

painting of three cats on easel

Art imitates life and I am showing you the latest life size painting I have been working on of three cats in a rural landscape setting.


painting from photo of cats

I was asked to paint these cats in a very loose style reminiscent of the work of Impressionist"s like Monet.

block in of color

This is going to be a digital painting measuring 24x18inches. Here the colors are being blocked in very loosely.

Cats in grass painting

Impressionist paintings are distinct from other art forms due to several key characteristics:

  1. Capturing the Moment: Impressionists aimed to depict the immediate and fleeting sensory impressions of a scene rather than focusing on intricate details or precise representation. They sought to convey the essence of a subject through the effects of light, color, and movement.

  2. Brushwork and Technique: Impressionist painters employed visible brushstrokes that were often quick, broken, and loose. This technique allowed them to convey a sense of spontaneity and vitality in their works. The brushwork was not meticulously blended or smoothed, resulting in a more textured and lively surface.

  3. Exploration of Light and Color: Impressionists were interested in the shifting qualities of light and its effects on colors. They abandoned the traditional use of dark, muted tones and instead utilized vibrant and bold pigments. By capturing the effects of natural and artificial light, they aimed to evoke the atmosphere and mood of a scene.

  4. Outdoor Painting: Impressionists frequently painted en plein air, meaning they worked outdoors directly in front of their subjects. This enabled them to observe and depict the ever-changing qualities of light, shadow, and natural elements such as landscapes, seascapes, or cityscapes.

  5. Subject Matter: Impressionists often focused on everyday life and ordinary subjects rather than grand historical or mythological narratives. They depicted scenes of leisure, landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits of friends or family members engaged in everyday activities.

  6. Breaking Traditional Rules: Impressionists challenged the established academic conventions of the time. They rejected the strict rules of perspective, composition, and finish, opting for unconventional compositions and cropped viewpoints. They also disregarded the traditional hierarchy of subject matter and explored new ways of representing space and form.


cat by fence painting

As work continues the cats slowly start to emerge. The brushstrokes are kept  broken, and loose and emphasize is on texture. 

cat painting detail 1

Overall, the Impressionist movement sought to capture the fleeting and subjective experience of perceiving the world, emphasizing the artist's personal interpretation rather than an objective representation. Their innovative approach to light, color, brushwork, and subject matter marked a significant departure from the traditional art forms of their time and laid the foundation for subsequent artistic developments. 

I have tried to achieve the same in this painting and hope that my client will be pleased. Lastly some detail shots of the finished painting.

cat portrait details

painting of three cats
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