The Return of Feathered Friends

Luckily there are many birds in my garden again. For a while I could have sworn there was a decline in chirping noises, but since I added more birdbaths and feeders my feathered friends have returned and are causing a racket! 

Blue 'Welcome' Bird Sign Outdoor Flag

Yesterday it rained, but today as soon as the sun was peeking out from behind some lazy moving clouds, I spotted a little group of birds first among the roses and then between the old Camellia shrubs. Why all the commotion?

Could it be an example of the much-cited swarm of conformists? One feathered friend told the rest: "Hey there are tons of aphids to be had among the roses!" - and they all followed? 

Although I don't see much pushing and shoving, these little ones seem to share as they look for little treats and nesting materials. I love watching the finches and sparrows in particular since they either come in pairs or groups. 

birdbath doormat

Birdbath Gathering Doormat by Briarwood Lane

As if guided by a magic hand, each species agrees to its turn at a bush, the feeder or at the birdbath. 

Time after time two or three will take a shower at the birdbath and dry themselves on a nearby branch, making room for the next group. 

I have never experienced rude behavior or pushing and shoving. Rather, one only inquires about the location by chirping and lots of head movements and then line up for a spot at the public bathhouse. This seems to repeat until everyone had their turn and happily flies off again. 

love this product Butterfly Trio Hanging Birdbath

Butterly Trio Hanging Birdbath by Songbird Essentials

One can learn a great deal from the animals in one's garden. Above all serenity and efficiency.  Or have you ever seen a bee or a butterfly fly frantically from flower to flower in search of nectar?

Bumble Bee Pollinator Coneflower Bare Root Set

Bumble Bee Pollinator Coneflower Bare Root Set by Van Zyverden

No, each blossom is visited one by one, and baskets are filled in due time. Always relaxed and with great efficiency, chores are accomplished and may I say even enjoyed!

Blue & Orange Birdhouse Canvas DIY Rhinestone Set

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