Gelindo Pruning Shears - Ratchet Design Garden Scissors with Carbon SK-5 Steel Blade



I go through pruning shears like crazy. To be honest as a female gardener with a bad back, my tools have to be light, yet strong enough to handle whatever task they are made for. When working with pruning shears the sharpness of the blade and the sliding properties of the ratchet design are critical to how much effort needs to be applied to cut through branches. The Gelindo Pruning Shears cut easily through branches that were 3/4 in in diameter on older dry branches and larger branches up to 1in diameter, when the branches were still young. The carbon sk-5 steel blade made clean cuts and the Teflon-coating prevented the sap from making the blade sticky.  

Bypass shears have a curved blade that slides past the section on the counter blade . In comparison Anvil shears like this one made by Gelindo, cut through the wood in a straight section on the so-called anvil - a flat surface made of plastic or soft metal - as it is pressed against the wood .

By repeatedly squeezing the handles thicker branches can be cut in stages . The pruners have ergonomic, rubber coated handles that make prolonged pruning less of a strain on your hands. 

The locking mechanism is well positioned so that you can lock and unlock the shears with one hand by sliding it back and forth. 

Gelindo Pruning Shears - Ratchet Design Garden Scissors with Carbon SK-5 Steel Blade - Teflon Coated - Anti Slip Rubber Handles- Simple Unlocking Mechanism- Perfect for Apple Trees, Roses & Hedges $13.97 $49.99

I received the Gelindo Pruning Shears at a discounted price in exchange for my unbiased review. I give this product a thumbs up and would recommend it to my friends.

Spade in flower bed business card
Spade in flower bed business card
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