Nature Flower Garden Colorful Photo Tissue Paper
Nature Flower Garden Colorful Photo Tissue Paper
by BerryPrairie

Allium belongs to the family of onions, leeks, shallots and chives. I just love their ball shape and intense hues. I often plant green onions and let them grow to full height to get the white round blooms. Once I included them in a bouquet only to be told that the whole house smells like onions. Ooops! I guess if onion is not your scent of choice, you better keep stick to the mild scented varieties or leave these lov~ies out in the garden!

Alium Altissimum

Anyhow, Allium comes in a variety of colors and can grow from medium size to rather tall. If you immerse the stems in water for a little bit the odor quickly disperses. They grow best in milder climates in a well-drained soil and will flower for more than a year.

Purple Allium Giganteum Giant Onion Flowers Placemat
Purple Allium Giganteum Giant Onion Flowers Placemat
by WalksWithNature
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