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Every once in a while I go to Etsy and check out the Vintage China Section. Unique finds are often priced very reasonably and can add visual interest to a table setting, when paired with existing china. This vintage dish is so lovely and this is what the seller, So Very Happy  had to say about it:
"This rococo style vintage dish with hand-painted gold detailing and a sky blue center area is adorned with brilliantly colored victorian courting scenes.The beautifully shaped dish has three rounded compartments and a unique wishbone shaped handle. Tiny raised dots line the gold paint around all of the painted scenes. The bottom of the piece is marked with the blue beehive symbol and the numbers 7563. The dish measures approximately 11" wide x 6 3/4" deep (at its widest point) x 1 1/4" tall (not including handle). This will make a beautiful wall hanging, catch all dish, or small serving tray." source: 
What have you found on Etsy that you just absolutely love?
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