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I am on a mission to drink more water and one of the ways I am trying to accomplish this is by infusing regular tap water with fruit. Why not queeze and drink juice you ask? Well there are some benefits in infusing your water with fruit versus adding juice to water.

1. Fruit juice can be pretty sweet and drinking too much of it will raise your sugar levels. It's better to drink water, especially if you need to drink 8 cups a day!

2. Adding fruit juice to water tastes waters down and does not taste very good. I am a purist, if I am going to have juice, then I do not want to have it watered down. However a bit of fruit flavor added to water gives the water a mild hint of fruitiness and makes it easier to drink.

3. Juice sitting in water doesn't really look very appetizing compared to a few slices cut up nicely in water. 

That brings me to my new Trim Evolution Fruit Infusion Water Bottle.


The clear bottle looks really nice with it's easy to hold finger hole. I also like that the bottle is BPA/EA free and does not smell of plastic. The lid as well as the center part where the fruit goes, screw on and off easy. The bottle is made of durable copolyester, which is meant to be more durable than regular plastic bottles. I just could not bring myself to drop the bottle and will have to report back what happens if it does get dropped. The water bottle can be placed in the upper rack of the dishwasher or cleaned with a non-abrasive sponge. It is not recommended to add hot liquids or to place the bottle in the freezer. However the center part is wide enough to hold a couple of ice cubes. I have placed the bottle on it's side and did not experience any leakage either.

Strawberry infused water - love my new #trimevolution Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

A photo posted by Enzie Shahmiri (@portraits_by_nc) on

I have added slices of strawberries, kiwi, oranges, lemons and limes on different occasions and like the slight hint of fruit that is infused. So far I am very happy with this water bottle and am enjoying my fruit infused drinks.


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