Loving Copper

Loving Copper

Last year for Christmas I received a set of Mauviel copper pans for Christmas and I fell quickly in love. I had heard that copper is one of the best heat conductors, therefore cooking food evenly and fast, but well quiet honestly I didn't really buy into it being that much better than your conventional pots and pans.
My interest inn copper cookware started after I watched Julie and Julia, in which Julia Child had a kitchen full of an assortment of copper pots and pans. Everyone at the culinary institute where Julia received her training in Paris was cooking in them too and that made me think perhaps there is something to copper that I have been missing all along.

Well I started to drag hubby into William Sonoma reminding me of the pots that we saw in the movie. Yes, I made him watch the "girly movie" just to hear him weeks later still make fun of poor Julia's voice, which he thought sounded like a Muppet character. Men!
But come Christmas there was this big box and a super huge grin on this artists face! Pointing out that every artists needs the best tools to be able to create the best work possible, the copper collection started to grow quickly.
So after a year cooking with copper pots and pans comes the verdict. I love the way the food cooks fast and indeed evenly. Meat and chicken is tender in no time and sauteeing gives you that lovely base too start a great sauce. I was expecting to have things get stuck to the bottom of the pan, but to my surprise that happens only when I do major high heat frying. Then I let the pan cool down and add some warm dish water to soak. Soon after everything comes out with one wipe.
Now I have to say there is one extra step while washing the pan. I don't let the copper oxidate too much and as soon as I use a pan, I wipe on Mauviel Copperbrill and restore shine in no time. No big scrubbing and polishing ~

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