How to Dry Apples

Apple Tree  Thank You Cards
Apple Tree Wedding Thank You Cards
by jinaiji

I love dried fruit to eat as a healthy snack. You can make delicious apple crisps from fresh apples very easily. Just wash and dry the apples, then cut the apples with skin on, into very thin slices. You can either leave them in the sun on a drying rack during the day for 2-3 days (just bring them inside at nighttime) or dry them in your oven. 

If you use the oven cover the wire rack with baking parchment paper and arrange the apple slices. Heat the oven to 140 F and place the apples inside. Leave the oven door slightly open and let the apple slices dry out for about 4-5 minutes. 

Apple Orchard Fall Autumn Wedding Classic Round Sticker
Apple Orchard Fall Autumn Wedding Classic Round Sticker
by JillsPaperie

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