Grocery IQ


I don't know about you but I often forget half the stuff I needed to buy or buy the things I already have in the cup board. So as a I Phone owner I figured they must have an AP for challenged grocery shoppers. A quick search and voila 

Grocery IQ


Trader Joe's West Hartford 2

I love Grocery IQ, because it allows you to scan bar codes of items you already have and place them in lists you define. I shop at middle Eastern grocery stores, Trader Joe's , Bristol Farms , Costco ,Von's and Ralphs, depending who carries what. So now I can add the item let's say to Trader Joe's list and Von's simultaneous. The add button puts the item on my to buy list and even organizes it by aisle, so you can find it fast. A great APP to have!

Do you have a favorite APP?


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