Everything about Mustard

All About Mustard

There are many varieties of mustard and although it really comes down to how spicy you like your mustard, there is a certain variety of mustard that can enhance a dish slightly better than the other.

Mustard is created from grind Mustard seeds, vinegar, and salt. Spices, herbs, sugar, champagne or wine are added to enhance the flavors further. How spicy mustard depends on the type of seed combination used. Brown mustard seeds are spicier than yellow ones. This means that the browner a mustard looks it will taste spicier.
Mild Mustard
This mustard is very suitable for making a mustard sauce, to add to mayonnaise and mustard butter.

Medium sharp Mustard
With it's slightly sharper taste this mustard is great to use as a meat marinate.

Spicy Mustard
Wonderful with gourmet style hot dogs.

Super Spicy Mustard
This mustard is great with fatty meats and helps you digest better.

Sweet Mustard
Great to use as an additive to salad dressings and with white sausage.

Mustards Row 1

1. Horseradish Mustard
Medium to Spicy - The addition of grind Horseradish adds an extra kick to this mustard. Wonderful with a trout fillet.

2. Champagne Mustard
Medium - herbal taste and aromatic. The addition of Champagne makes this mustard a wonderful addition to sauces and steamed fish, such as Salmon.

3. Dijon Mustard
Mild to Medium - herbal taste. Named after the Dijon region in France this mustard is created with white wine and adds great flavor when added to ground beef. Also used to make a vinaigrette.

4. Pepper Mustard
Medium - Green peppercorn grind is added to make this another very flavorful mustard. Great to add to fondue sauces and as a condiment for roasts.

Mustards Row 2

5. Seedy Mustard
Medium - The mustard seed is not completely ground giving this mustard a grainy texture. Great with chicken and all sorts of fowl, meat, and vegetables.

6. Grilling Mustard
Medium - Paprika is added to this mustard for extra flavor enhancement. Great on anything that comes off the grill.

7. Roisserie Mustard
Medium - coarsely grind - you can still find a mustard seed or two makes this a mustard that can tolerate great heat. So for meats headed to the oven such as roasts or pork chops great mustard to use.

8. Herbal Mustard
Mild - Made with Estragon and other herbs from Provance it tastes great with chicken or turkey.

Which one is my favorite you ask? I live on the wild side of things and love things super spicy. My favorite mustard is a Russian Mustard that opens your sinuses!

Storing Mustard:
Make sure the lid is placed back on securely and store in the refrigerator. Optimum storage is 2 months for flavor, aroma, and spiciness to be at a peak. If you are not as picky, mustard seems to last a super long time. If your favorite mustard has dried out and you just can't run to the store for a new one add a bit of vinegar, oil, and sugar and it will soften up again.

Benefits of Mustard:
Mustard contains oils (allyl-mustard oil) which stimulates the appetite and your digestive system. Therefore it is recommended that you offer mustard when serving especially greasy meats.

Source: This article was published many, many years ago in the "Für Sie" magazine and is part of my recipes collection.
Photography: Uwe Bender

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