Delicious Tosi Super Bites

Tosi Almond Bar


If you are nuts about nutty bars, than look no further! I have found a delicious all organic snack made with nuts and seeds that tastes wonderful. Tosi Super Bites has send me a box of my favorite nut bars, Almonds and Cashews to try out and OMG - do I love them!

Tosi Nut Bars

Depending on the combination of nuts - with or without fruit - bars can have 110 to 150 calories per serving, which is for 1 bar. My sugar drops when I don't eat on time and in our household we jokingly refer to my handbag as the hamster stash, since it is always filled with nuts. However just eating plain nuts all the time does get a bit boring, that's why I got super excited about trying out Tosi Super bites. I love that they are so moist and fresh tasting! Each bar has a nice crunch to it and the combination of seeds and nuts makes the bars really taste delicious. Upon further investigation, commonly also known as reading the labels, I found out that organic golden flaxseed, sesame seeds, chia seeds , evaporated cane sugar , organic cassava syrup and sea salt are used.

Tosi Super bites nut bars

The bars are scored, so you pieces can easily be broken off. Let's face it the packaging in green and white also looks much nicer than my zip loc bag filled with nuts. The mother and daughter team who came up with this treat realized that there was a need for clean, nutrient-dense snacks, so they got to work, and Tosi SuperBites were born. Tosi SuperBites are made from simple, organic ingredients; packed with plant protein; low in sugar; and crunchy and delicious. Also love that then carbon footprint is super minuscule. These bars are made right here in California, literally 15 minutes away from where I live!

Tosi Super bites snacks

Tosi Super Bites just send me this St. Patricks Day special and thought I share it with you in case you like to take advantage of the 20% off promo! I am off to order my variety pack next :)

Tosi snack bar promo

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