DIY Easy Spring Baby Breath Wreath 🌸 Easy, Cute and Affordable Country Style Wreath


Do you like to decorate your home with wreathes? If the answer is yes, then you will love this super easy Spring Wreath DIY project and is done in under 30 minutes at a fraction of the cost, what a store bought wreath would cost.  Most of these items can easily be found Amazon, and I will provide Amazon links for reference. So let's get going!

Baby Breath Wreath

Baby Breath Wreath

For the supplies for this project you will need:
vine wreath

    Instructions :

    Cutting Baby Breath stems

    ~ Start by cutting the stems off their base using the wire cutters. The stem length needs to be enough so that you can stick them into the Vine wreath with ease. This way you don't have to glue them down and can always change the look at a later time.

    Eucalyptus leaves leaves around wreath

    ~ Place the Eucalyptus leaves all around the wreath. Since we are not gluing anything you can always adjust the look one you hang the wreath up. 

    adding baby breath to wreath

    ~ Now add the Baby Wreath by sticking it into the Vine Wreath. I like to intertwine some of the greenery from below for a more natural look. 


    ~ After the wreath is all filled up with greenery and flowers, it's time to cut a long piece of the rope. Loop the rope around the wreath and take it to the location were you like to hang it. This way you can adjust the length of the rope, before cutting off the other end. I made a bow and then threaded the ends around for a decorative looking knot.

    ~ Here is a video I made of the process ~ If you like to see more hit the subscribe button on Youtube


    Thank you so much for checking out my DIY’s, and be sure to tag me  @Portraits_by_NC if you try any of them!  I’d love to see your projects!  Budget wise decorating is always such fun ~ don't you think?!




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