Decorating for Fall

Fall Dried Flower Wreath

Fall is such a great time to start crafting. During the week I am too busy painting portrait commissions, but I love using my downtime and weekends to craft. Instead of watching too much TV I like to drag out my crafting supplies and get busy creating decor items for the home. Ones the weekend comes around it's a mad dash to set up little seasonal vignettes. 

 I love decorating with natural plant materials, but here in southern California where mid-October weather is still in the high 70's everything just wilts away. So I work with materials that last a bit longer. Dried flowers are my favorites for a more natural look, mostly in areas that get very little direct sunlight. 

The greenery around the door frame is made of three long garlands I found at Micheals. Made by AshIand the 6ft Classic Greenery softens the door frame. Then by adding some clear string lights (also from Ashland) a more welcoming look is created for nighttime visitors. 


 A new addition is my friendly witch, which I just totally adore. You should have seen me trying to bring her home. Being that I am rather short this witch is taller than I am! Of course, I needed to ask a knight in shining armor to give me a hand to get this cutie into the car. I filled her basket with brown mocha moss, pinecones, and a black natural iced Willow Pick

Here is a little decorating tip. When the gods bless you with a plant that you can swear you have not planted, dig it out and put it in a pot. These foundlings when further nurtured, come to good use as fillers for your vignette. The spindly tree was just such a gift and before hubby could rip it out, I saved it and planted it in a pot. I really had no idea what the plant is, but come fall it changed color and worked wonders to round up this fall display. Well, hopefully, I can finish the other side and show you that as well. Until then, happy decorating!




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