Santas Special Toys

Santas Special Toys Framed

"Santas Special Toys" Oil on Canvas ~ 9 x 12 inches 

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Santas Special Toys Eye Detail

The painting is now finished and I am happy with the way the story line has evolved. I set out to make this painting seem from a different era. I chose older looking toys and an old world Santa look, therefore the color palette is much darker than that of my previous Santa paintings. Making Santa come to life, when his face is no more than an inch in size, was a challenge and yet a lot of fun as well. Now Santa is caught in a moment in time. Just as he was going about making his toy selection, he seems to be interrupted by an intruder who has stepped into his domain. An intruder, who would be no other, than you - the viewer!

The Finished Painting

I have warmed up the painting and concentrated on the figures in the background. During the 3rd work in progress stage I felt that the painting lacked warmth and therefore decided to add some ochre tints. A wash of Yellow Ochre mixed with white helped warm up the collar. Now the white parts in the collar are nicely separated from the beard.

Work in Progress #3

Santas Special Toys Work in Progress 3

I wondered if it was possible to create a holiday painting without the usual primary colors by using a very limited color palette. A few shades of grey, brown and flesh tones plus gold and Vermilion are used here. Due to these color choice and the juxtaposition of hues against each other, some colors seem to have a green or blue tint, although none of these colors have been used.

I am still bothered by some drawing issues and need to figure out what is off before going on.

Work in Progress #2

Santas Special Toys Wash In

Work in Progress #1

I have started the 2nd painting of the "Santa Claus 2009" series. Inspired by Old World Santas, this one will show Santa as he makes his special toy selection. Above is the 1st day of wash in, where I am trying to develop my light and shadow areas. I will probably spend another day fully developing this stage of the painting.

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