Portrait of a Welch Cross Pony

This large Pony portrait in oil was  painted in a canvas measuring 22x28 inches and started with two very different reference photos. My client wanted her pony to be in a field rather than in the enclosed space the photo was taken at. She also wanted to incorporate a twilight sky from another photo she had. 

Pony painting from photo

 I started by cropping out just the horse and by deleting all the houses in the background of the other photo. Using Photoshop, both images were combined to create one reference photo for the painting. I paint by building up thin paint layers, to achieve luminosity in the painting. It can be tedious at times, but it allows for full control.

Here you can see a live session I did on Facebook.

 I share most of the paintings in progress, unless I am in a real time crunch. It's a nice way for my clients to see

their painting being created and also a great way for them to tell me if there is something they like to change. This painting got the "I love it!" after some tweaks and is now ready to be send to the client.  

Welch Cross Pony Portrait



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