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One evening, rather exhausted from the days events I was trying to catch up on the gazillion blog visits that have become overdue. As usual I got completely sidetracked when I saw what someone created on


and just had to get myself created in animation form. Ok - I cheated here - I would have probably been the oversize body type - but doesn't this just look so much cuter?!

Anyhow, this is how it works. When you sign up you get these points and then start creating your character. You can change all the features and colors and dress your character any way you like. Then it's time to built environments and give the characters activities to do. Some of the items you choose are free, others will deduct points from your accrued savings. Best yet, when you refer a friend both you and the friend get extra points credited back, that comes in handy in case you ever tire of your outfit or want to dress ala season!

The child in me had to share! LOL

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