Iranian Hand Crafts - Sanayeh Dasti


Iranian Lemons Still Life 

9 x 12 in ~ Sold

Prints available here

When I lived in Iran as a teenager I always loved the items sold by the National run "Sanayeh Dasti", which loosely translates to "Hand Crafts". But we are not talking about felted or crochet things made at home by Iranian women. These hand made items are carefully crafted out of metal and often include intricate designs. Sometimes miniature designs are added like the birds and floral pattern on my little lemon juice container.  Some works are done with wood inlay, there are beautiful textiles and of course the hand made Persian rugs.

When the revolution broke out and we had to leave the country, we were not able to bring much with us, but the little container is one of the few little things that made it out and is now in my vitrine. Whimsical and dainty it has always reminded me of those evenings when my family would gather and chat over meals while we sat outside breathing in the cool evening air and eating fresh produce topped with a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

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