Family Portrait Work in Progress

Family Reference Photo

Family Portraits are a wonderful way to remember loved ones. Recently one of my previous clients asked me to paint her a family portrait based on a photo she had. Reference photos are seldom perfect and sometimes things get cropped off. However, I can paint in whatever is missing to make the portrait look complete. Here part of the face and body of the first young woman were missing.

Family Portrait Work in Progress

I started the painting by creating a grid on a grey canvas. By working in black and white subtle color changes are easily seen. When you look at the lighter part of the girl's cheek, everything right of her was added. Once that was done it was time to start the first layers of color and slowly build up the painting. The top image shows how far I have come so far, however, there is still a lot more that needs to get done. I am working on the same painting side by side since my client has requested two identical paintings of the same image. I will be posting new photos as soon as the 2nd one catches up to the 1st painting. Until then...

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