Digital Cat Portrait

Cat painting in Progress

Every custom painted pet portrait starts with mock-ups of background ideas and is then followed up with a general block in of color. The idea is to establish the placement of the figure and see how it corresponds to the background. 

Regardless if it is an oil painting or a digital painting, I follow the same techniques of the Old Masters to establish the basic structure first.Background ideas for painting

As I have pointed out before the overall feel of a painting changes drastically depending on the background that is chosen. By offering different options it helps the artist to figure out if a client responds better to a traditional oil painting, a loosely painterly type or something more whimsical. 

I really want to add more digital portraits to my portfolio, so I have started in a trade program. Shop owners can reach out and trade a digital portrait for something in their shop. Bartering and Trading is an age-old tradition and it is a lot of fun to support other artisans and keep busy experimenting with new painting techniques. 

I have a lot of paintings to do, so off to work it is ....


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"My Name is Enzie (NC) and I am a multi disciplinary artist based in southern California, USA.

I specialize in life-size commissioned pet and people portraits and custom-made miniatures in 1/12, 1/24, and 1/6 scale.

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