Mail Slot Free Printable for 1/12 Scale Dollhouse

dollhouse door

This free printable mail slot is made for 1/12 scale and can be adjusted in Cricut to any desired size to fit your modeling needs. Upload the free PDF file and print out the shapes. You can use any material desired, but when printing foil or balsa wood, sandwich it between another pieces of paper or contact paper that is taped down to your Cricut mat to prevent tearing. 

The mail slot measures 2 inch x 1 inch (5.08 cm x 2.54 cm) and fits any 1/12 scale dollhouse door. 


Instructions for mail slot printable


  • Add the item to your cart and check out (you won't be charged) 
  • You will automatically receive a link for the free PDF
  • When the PDF opens click File on your browser and either download to your desktop or say print
  • Upload it either to Cricut or send it directly to your printer
  • I used a gold chocolate wrapper and glues it on printer paper first
  • then I used a 2nd sheet of printer paper and placed it on top to sandwich the thin foil in between the two sheets of paper.
  • Since I used a Cricut Maker I taped both sheets on the green mat so they won't move while being cut
  • Once that was done I removed all sheet and separated the pieces
  • If you do not have a Cricut Maker you can still print the design on any yardstick you like and cut out the pieces
  • Assemble by layering the pieces to the desired thickness. I ended up using 2 of each design glued together


Here is a video that shows how to turn a PDF file into a PNG file for upload to Cricut Design space.



I am still working on the curb appeal of my house and will be adding more downloadable free files for you. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see when new uploads become available. 

I love to see photos how you incorporate the mail slot on your doors , so tag me :)

Free Cricut Printable for Dollhouse 

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