Australian Border Collie in Henri Matisse Painting style

australian border collie painted in Henri Matisse style

The Australian Border Collie is an extraordinary breed, known for its intelligence, agility, and striking appearance. In the realm of art, Henri Matisse stands as a titan of creativity, renowned for his vibrant colors, bold shapes, and expressive brushstrokes. In this blog post, I am happy to present a captivating digital painting that marries the charm of the Australian Border Collie with Matisse's distinctive style. Join me as we delve into the world of this remarkable breed and explore the techniques behind creating a digital masterpiece.

border collie statue

The Australian Border Collie, also known simply as the Border Collie, is a highly intelligent and energetic dog breed originating from the border regions of Australia and Scotland. These canines possess remarkable herding instincts, making them excellent working dogs and loyal companions. Their distinctive markings and expressive eyes make them a natural subject for artistic interpretation.

henri matisse self portrait
Henri Matisse's artistry defied conventions and embraced boldness. His paintings were characterized by vivid colors, simplified forms, and a sense of movement. Matisse had a unique ability to capture the essence of his subjects through expressive brushwork and the clever use of negative space. His works exude energy and evoke a sense of joy, which I seek to infuse into this digital painting of the Australian Border Collie.
Australian Border Collie Portrait by PortraitsbyNC

Introducing the new digital painting:
Australian Border Collie in Matisse style: This new digital painting celebrates the inherent beauty of the Australian Border Collie, reimagined through the lens of Matisse's artistic style. The bold colors, dynamic brushstrokes, and simplified shapes pay homage to Matisse's legacy while capturing the spirit and charm of this remarkable breed. The fusion of art and nature creates a visually striking piece that is sure to captivate dog lovers and art enthusiasts alike.
black and white border collie underpainting
Step-by-step guide how this digital painting in Matisse style was created:
  • Reference photos of an Australian Border Collie were the base for the painting
  • The basic composition and form was sketched out in black and white
  • Vibrant and complementary colors were added 
  • Bold brushstrokes and simplify details were used ala Matisse
  • Experimentation with negative space and composition - note how close the dog sits to the viewer
  • The painting underwent some fine tuning especially in the eye area
    border collie painting
    Embracing the spirit of Henri Matisse and the allure of the Australian Border Collie, this digital painting brings together two worlds in a harmonious blend of artistic expression and canine beauty. Through this guide, I hope to inspire you to explore your creativity and create your own masterpieces. or contact me so I can paint a portrait of your pet in this style. 


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