Using Various Size Planters as a Focal Point

Crescent Garden Daniel Bowl Planter Caviar BlackCrescent Garden Daniel Bowl Planter in Black


Looking to create a more interesting entryway? Or make your patio a little more welcoming? Choosing various shapes and sizes of planters as a focal point looks interesting and can guide your visitors through any home or garden space. 

By creating a cohesive grouping the plant display becomes something that anyone will enjoy looking at. Plants in a room purify the air and can boost your mood.

Before choosing your plants consider how well you can care for them. If you have little time ask the nursery staff for succulents or plants that require less water. Also, consider the placement of the pots. Some plants require full sun and others do better in the shade. By asking for help at the garden center you can quickly choose the right plant for the appropriate space. 

Once you get tired of the look you can either move the planters to a different location or simply plant different plants in them. It's an easy way to decorate and show off your style! 

Crescent Garden Daniel Bowl Planter Weathered Stone PlanterCrescent Garden Daniel Bowl Planter Weathered Stone Planter

Pair the Daniel Bowl with cactus varieties for a minimalist presentation or with dwarf shrubs for a green but low-maintenance, year-round option. I love the look of the bowl. By using various shapes and sizes the entire plant grouping looks so much more interesting. 

Crescent Garden Daniel Bowl PlanterCrescent Garden Daniel Bowl Planter

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