Solar Bird Bath

#Solarbirdbath by Koolekoo

#Solarbirdbath by Koolekoo

I feel like everyday the temperature is rising, because my feathered friends seem to be seeking the shade rather than frolicking in my backyard. So I have set out to add lots of birdbaths. Recently I spotted a solar bird bath that even has a section for planting some flowers. Aha!  This way I can even illuminate the bath, by showing the birds were the action is. Well, no actually I thought it adds a bit of light in an otherwise dark area in my flower beds. Anyhow this is what came in the mail, the other day. 


I am a strong believer in you get what you pay for and with that in mind I am very happy with my solar bird bath. Assembly took about five minutes by following the instructions that came in the package. You will need a screwdriver to screw in a few screws, but for the most part every piece just fits together. I tried taking a photo at night to show you the strength of the light. It is by no means very bright, but gives off a nice glow. The bird bath container is of average size and does not leak. The planter piece on the base is rather small and I would have loved to see it at least the size of the water basin. I think it would make the entire planter stand more solid too and give more room for the roots of whatever gets planted there. The planter itself is a forest green as shown in the photo. The size is just right, not too small and not gigantic either. The planter reminds me of products I have seen at Big Lots, same type of resin style construction for gardening decor items. I received the planter at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased review and overall like it very much. If you like to get one to, they are available via Amazon. 

Solar Birdbath Planter $34.74
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