Quirky and Fun Figure Planters

Face Planter

The planters are just too adorable! The figures look like they are made out of concrete, however they are made of resin and each have a drainage hole at the bottom. The top of the head is where you would insert the plant. I love the way different succulents or house plants can change up the look of the figures.

family of planters

Depending on the hairdo, one could mimic the look of an entire family for a good laugh.

Planter drainage hole

Here is an image of the drainage hole on the bottom of the head. I would add a few pebbles at the base before adding soil and the plant. If you like to change things up frequently you could also just add the plant in it's original pot.

small planter

A short crop is fun too. I would think you probably would have to cut the plant into shape to retain this form.

houseplant planter

All these pots are available from here

planter with yellow flowers

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