Impressionist Bouquets

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Vincent van Gogh Six Sunflowers GalleryHD Fine Art Poster
by GalleryHD

The Impressionists have given us a special appreciation for combining vibrant colors in floral bouquets. The other day I was browsing around the bookstore and came across a book called  "Impressionist Bouquets".


In the book there are instructions on how to create 24 pretty floral arrangements inspired by the impressionist movements. Following the works of Renoir, Cezanne and Van Gogh the 128 page book has beautifully illustrated images. Another beautifully illustrated book is the Impressionist Bouquets.


In California the spring bulbs are already peeking their little heads out of the grounds and I can't wait to see them all in full bloom so that I may move my easel closer and capture some on canvas. 

Mug Van Gogh Iris 

Irises Vincent van Gogh Painting Mug
by Then_Is_Now
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